Michael Perry Photography

Artist's Statement

One of the joys of a profession in photography is capturing, and sharing
with others the beauties of nature: the mountains vibrant with fall colors,
the exuberance of a field of poppies, the mysterious geometry of stars
moving in the night sky.

Decades of landscape photography as well as a career as a psychologist
have guided me to offer images sometimes simple, sometimes otherworldly.

My tools include medium format and 35mm film cameras and wet darkroom.
Now I use 35mm digital cameras and Photoshop Lightroom. My images have appeared in various publications and in three coffee-table fine-art books.

I love the art expressed in a photographic image. And the craft of photography excites me too. I love to teach!
I hold a California Teaching Credential in Photography and have taught Photography from the 8th grade to 

Jr. College level.

Michael Perry, Ph.D.